copyr ight Le Cirque Vagabond 2016
   Ben Pierson started athletics and performance at the age of 3 years old. Ben has a background in lyrical, martial arts and circus arts such as Chinese pole, straps, span sets, aerial silks, balancing and hand to hand balancing. He is the producer and creator of Renos only professional circus company Le Cirque Vagabond and has introduced many of the circus arts and performers in Reno today and is known for choreographing hula hoop, Chinese pole, aerial acts, balancing, dance, acting and martial art acts.  He has trained with athletes such as Alvin Tam (martial artist in KA), Antonio Moore (Chinese pole in Mystere), Miranda Tempest (choreographed Tarzan Spanish web act for Disney Cruise lines) and Edward Doye (Chinese pole Aluma) all of which are in current Cirque Du Soleil productions.       His circus mentor Brian Mcnelis producer of Cirque Voila challenged him to add and push things to the limit that even average circus artists don’t even see or do. Because of such mentorship Ben Pierson currently is one of the only athletes in the world with the specialty act, balancing over swords and one of the few in the art of cube juggling, and aerial cube with straps.  He produced Dreamaire an ongoing show, Auschwitz, and Fable and has taken many awards and prizes for acts and shows. He currently does events and choreography in Reno Nv and Hollywood CA, and Las Vegas including his own private events and shows while working with other producers and coordinators in the  L.A region such as Bob Gail entertainment.  He also holds the silver medal for Central Pole Sport competition in 2014.