copyr ight Le Cirque Vagabond 2016
   Come in and try our circus training program, the only school in Reno NV with instructors that have professional backgrounds and competitive experience, and 7 competitive titles.   Our on-going classes train you in Aerial silks, Aerial Ballet, straps, chinese pole, pole dance and balancing, trained by producer and director Ben Pierson.   Aerial silks and pole class consists of break falls, dance steps, conditioning and technique. Come in and become a class act or burn those calories. Private lessons available for pole, balancing and silks. Intermediate is by invite only. Le Cirque Vagabond is a prestige aerial school with titles and professionals working throughout the country. Because of our standard for excellence and success we only accept and allow serious aerial sudents seeking to further knowledge and success into our advanced and intermediate classes by invite only. We welcome those that want to try out our program however we do not allow “dropping in” here and there for advanced silks. Hand balancing/Acro/Adagio (drop ins welcome) Thursday 6:30 Aerial Beginner Classes (Ages 6 on up) (open to everyone trial welcome) Thursday 6:30 Aerial All Levels Tuesday 7:30 Advanced Aerials (monthly members only) Thursday 7:30 Stretching/Contortion Classes (drop ins welcome) Thursday 6:30 Pole Classes (Carson City branch) (drop ins welcome) Tuesday 5:30 (basics/floor choreo) Wed 5:30/6:30(tricks and conditioning) Thursday 7:15 (sexy flow) $15 try it! $30 2 week trial $75 month Aerial classes Reno Evoke Fitness 895 E Patriot Blvd Ste 108, Reno, NV 89511 775-527-3733
Carson City Yaples Ballroom 315 N. Carson St Carson NV